Susan Wagers is as genuine and authentic as anyone I have ever met. Her programs and must-read book are an amazing success story of someone who has truly turned their stumbling blocks into stepping stones. By joining her programs and reading her book you can do the same! I invite you to join her on a journey that can lead you to breakthroughs, fulfillment and achievement. You’ll be so very glad you did.

Matt Patterson
Inspirational Speaker

Award-Winning & Best-Selling Author of My Emily

Power Lunch Group Coaching

Would you like to:

  • Make more money AND have more free time so that you’ll enjoy every day?
  • Discover the secrets to putting off procrastination?
  • Identify and eliminate roadblocks to your next level of success?
  • See clearly where you want to go & why?
  • Get organized and stay that way so that you never have to look for anything ever again?
  • Discover the eight words that will change your life?

Is POWER LUNCH right for you?

Only if you are a serious action taker ready to create the Breakthrough necessary to make a POWERFUL difference in your business and your life. If you want to learn and implement a series of proven, effective strategies that will create results quickly, POWER LUNCH is for you.

This exclusive membership–only club is a very powerful tool that allows you to experience tremendous growth. Its’ about creating a laser focus to propel you to achieve the consistent, sustainable results you demand in the most important areas of your life.

It’s HIGH NOON and it’s HIGH TIME you release your greatness!

Master Mind Group –

Meet, and build highly valuable and mutually beneficial relationships. Connect and engage with those who are highly successful, and you will discover their keys and strategies. Success leaves clues. Use this strategy of tapping into the minds of those with successful concepts, behaviors, practices, patterns and results. Then you take improved actions and make some fast changes!

One-On-One Coaching with Susan Wagers

Coaching for Breakthroughs® gives you the structure of a system for success, a blueprint for organization, and the support and encouragement needed to see it all through, even if you don’t feel like you have time for even one more thing. You’ll get the tools and checklists to make quantum leaps in your productivity and overall results. A very special outcome will be the increase of enjoying every day and an increase in energy in all areas of your life.

Designed for serious action takers and high-achievers, Coaching for Breakthroughs® provides what is needed to break out of ruts and break through current obstacles. These obstacles may stem from the current economy, regulatory or industry-related changes, life events that just happen, individuals circumstances or habits.

If you would like to know how this could work for you, click on the link below to complete the application. We’ll exchange information and get on the calendar to talk about it.